Raw Cold Pressed Juice

The Juice Box LV specializes in providing raw cold-pressed juices to the Las Vegas community. Our cold-pressed juice bar offers a variety of healthy drink options that are perfect for everyone. Whether you are a fan of spinach, grapefruit, or cucumber, we have an assortment of organic ingredients for you to choose from—and you’re going to love the health benefits! Cold pressing our ingredients ensures that none of the nutrients are lost when making the juice. 

Health Benefits Include:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Increased energy
  • Helps with detoxification
  • Boost immune system 

What do we stand for?

It’s our mission to only use eco-friendly materials, so all of our cups, lips, and more are biodegradable. We want to benefit the community as well, so whenever possible, we use locally sourced greens, fruits, and vegetables. Visit Our Mission page to see what we’re all about in greater detail.

Customize a cold-pressed juice cleanse just for you!

We also give you the opportunity to create a custom cold-pressed juice cleanse. You can choose from any green, fruit, and vegetable to make the perfect combination of ingredients for you. To customize your own cold-pressed juice cleanse, head over to our Custom Juice Cleanses page. We are excited to see the combination of ingredients you put in your custom cleanses. 

Try all of our raw cold-pressed juices to find your favorite. If you know the exact ingredients you want in your juice, then customize it! As an organic cold-pressed juice bar, The Juice Box LV has everything you need to satisfy your appetite in a healthy manner. Call us at (702)-202-2172 to find out more about our cold-pressed juices or our custom juice cleanse option. Whether it’s an old or new favorite, we look forward to making your drink just the way you like it!