#1 Organic Juice Bar

Our Mission

Our Mission as a raw juice company 

is to create delicious,

nutritious, customizable food 

and drinks for Health as Unique as You. 

As an organic cold pressed juicery, 

we try to avoid adding sugar when we can, 

and allow the natural sweetness 

of our fresh ingredients

to come to the forefront.

The majority of the menu is Vegan. We

focus on using locally sourced, raw 


Additionally, every material we use, 

from the disposable cups, lids, food 

handling gloves and even our trash

bags are all compostable PLA “plastic”.

You do not have to feel any guilt 

throwing away your drink containers

once you are done enjoying them. 

They will biodegrade within a year.

Come by and give us a try! We hope 

you love your experience at our raw juice company.  

If you have any ideas or feedback 

for our organic pressed juicery, please

email us at 


Got ideAS?